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male spanking
spanking discipline

Sometimes even we are surprised by some of the things models do. So imagine what happened when Jimmy turned up and introduced his uncle. And Uncle Mark then enlightened us to a whole catalog of misdemeanors that young Jimmy has to his name. So based on one of these stories we made this clip. Jimmy is staying at his uncles place and it using the PC to watch porn and jack off. He has forgotten to lock the door or make sure he is home alone and uncle comes in and catches him. Grabbing hold of Jimmy by the ear he gets the lad OTK and starts to spank him on the underwear. Jimmy is a vocal lad and is soon wailing as his bum gets the treatment. Down come the underwear and the lovely smooth bum is starting to go a nice red. Keeping hold of Jimmy by the ear uncle makes sure that the lad stays in position. But as he has been warned about this before a simle OTK is not enough and Jimmy is led, by the ear, the table and bent over it and gets the paddle and hand as he is held down by the ear. Jimmy almost flys when he sees a chance to escape and uncle is not quite quick enough to catch him. A great debut by uncle and I think we will be seeing more of him soon.

bare bottom spanking
bare ass spanking

Sat at home with nothing to do Toby starts to enjoy himself as all lads do. But he does have things to do and he is caught red handed in mid stroke and even though he tries to hide his embarrassment he fails and finds himself up ended and getting his ass spanked. The trouble when a lad in a high state of excitement is spanked they are caught between pleasure and pain. His lovely little butt is starting to get a nice spanked colour and the rocking over the knee is keeping him excited. The results can go either way and in this case Toby just cant hold himself and he shoots a massive cum load over Tonys leg. This is noticed, and no wonder given the amount he cums, and he is spanked harder and faster for his lack of control. A final lesson is that he is told that he will have to pay the cleaning bill for the wet trousers as well. Not a good afternoon for Toby, a bright red butt and a bill to pay.

Mik has been to a party and left the evidence of a good time in the laundry. Craig is most unhappy to find this and Mik finds himself in a world of hurt over his night out.

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