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Enjoying his solitary pleasures in the afternoon instead of working Kel is quite happy until he is caught red handed. He pulls the covers over himself in an attempt to hide his handy work but its no good he needs a spanking to remind him of the right priorities. Pulled OTK while still in a state of high excitement Kel gets his butt spanked hard. This seems to have the right effect because no matter how much it hurts he stays wildly excited. Each swat makes him ride the supporting leg harder and that keeps him in a balance of enjoyment and pain. Finally it is too much and he shoots his load as he is spanked. Once this is noticed he is thrown down across the sofa and given a few hard swats and Tony storms off leaving him rubbing his butt and wondering if he enjoyed it that much really.

bare bottom spanking
bare ass spanking

Matteo is a brat no other way to put it. He is arrogant and cocky and thats all there is to it. He is facing the wall for a misdemeanor but he is not reflecting on the error of his ways at all. Even when he is OTK his face shows a retained cockiness. He is in for a long and painful career with attitudes like this. When he is finally told to stand back at the wall it is only seconds that he is left alone before he is up to his old tricks again.

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