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male spanking
spanking discipline

After a week of misbehaviour Toby finds himself standing waiting for the spanking he knows he deserves. He kneels on the couch and the cane cracks down and the welts rise instantly on his smooth little butt. Each stroke brings another stripe and another moan. The cane works wonders on such a perfect ass. Once he is striped up nicely the paddle is bought forward and OTK he goes and some cracking swats on the already red hot stripes turns his butt into a work of art. Then, as requested by HG in Italy, He is kneeling on the floor and spanking while standing astride. Both hands can be used here and the effect is as expected for Toby, he gets a hard on and after a few minutes he is squirting his load as he is spanked. Always great to see a lad enjoy the spanking he deserves.

bare bottom spanking
bare ass spanking

Well it had to happen, Jimmy pushed Craig just that little bit to far and finds himself dragged into the punishment room. Kneeling on the sofa Craig lays into his ass with the cane and the howling lad takes as much as he can before he drops down sobbing. This is just the start though. The lads striped ass is next OTK and getting the brush, he is sobbing loudly now, and his ass has a lovely deep bloom to it. Then the paddle makes its mark and finally the large rubber strap, which hurts like hell. Left crying his eyes out Jimmy really takes a serious spanking this time.

Jimmy in Serious Trouble
Jimmy has been warned so many times about his smoking and now he pays the price. Spanked hard and long with the paddle, cane, strap and brush in a none stop scene he is left crying his eyes out. Ricky, just home from college sees him and starts to comfort him only to get really horny and spank the lad even more, and finally fucks him hard. A ard spanking and a hard fucking for Jimmy.
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