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male spanking
spanking discipline

Marcus has had a shower and lounges around relaxing, he changes the cube he is playing with and his towel drops off. He is quite happy walking around naked and sits down casually and carries on with his pass time. However, he is confronted by an angry Tony who has wet feet from a flooded bathroom, and he is also unhappy at Marcus walking around with nothing on. His '' Í dont care '' attitude is countered by being dragged OTK and walloped soundly. Hoisted up high with his face almost on the carpet he gets a good spanking, a lesson in manners and politeness. He is a stoic lad and really does brave it out. His cute little furry butt gets a lovely glow about it but he still refuses to show that it hurts. Now that marcus has joined us I am sure he will be in further trouble, he has that look about him.

bare bottom spanking
bare ass spanking

After a week of misbehaviour Toby finds himself standing waiting for the spanking he knows he deserves. He kneels on the couch and the cane cracks down and the welts rise instantly on his smooth little butt. Each stroke brings another stripe and another moan. The cane works wonders on such a perfect ass. Once he is striped up nicely the paddle is bought forward and OTK he goes and some cracking swats on the already red hot stripes turns his butt into a work of art. Then, as requested by HG in Italy, He is kneeling on the floor and spanking while standing astride. Both hands can be used here and the effect is as expected for Toby, he gets a hard on and after a few minutes he is squirting his load as he is spanked. Always great to see a lad enjoy the spanking he deserves

Gerry and Gary are having sex in the salon, strictly against the rules anyway. Craig is on the way home unaware of whats going on. The lads are really going for it and oblivious to whats about to happen. Craig walks in and sees them and retires to get the paddle. He comes back and lays a few hard whacks on Gerrys butt as he is in mid thrust - a bit of pleasure and pain here judging by his reluctance to stop. Pulled apart Gary is sent off home and Gerry gets a reall walloping, so hard it breaks the paddle so Craig has to get him OTK and punish hi that way. Afterwards Craig calls Tony and tells him what happened and Gary, who is home now finds himself looking at the carpet with a blistering bum as well.

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