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Page is a new guy and a messy one, when he walks in the house he is always followed by a trail of mess. Here he walks into the kitchen drops his tie on the floor and starts to undo his shirt - must be going out again after a drink and a change. Caught red handed he is told off sternly and bent over the kitchen table and has the ping pong bat applied to his arrogant rear end.

bare bottom spanking
bare ass spanking

Pat, who we have not seen for a couple of years as he was away working, is back and he took in a lodger to help out. The lodger, Ben who is a lazy surly brat, spends his days sat on the couch playing games on his mobile.

Toby is caught smoking and spanked soundly for it Toby is not one to give in easily. He garbs his secret stash of cigarettes and starts again. He is caught and this time he is no doubt about the error of his ways.

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